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Thinking about adding or updating a kitchen backsplash?

The integration of a backsplash is an effective way to add interest to a kitchen design scheme. The backsplash is the arrangement of materials such as tile, stone, or metal behind the counter and between the countertop and the upper cabinets. Visualizing the backsplash as a key point of style during the development of a kitchen scheme will add a unique perspective to your project.

Miami First Remodeling has numerous different kitchen backsplash design options to make your kitchen a unique masterpiece. We will present to you with the backsplash styles to best suit the look and feel of your kitchen.

A great kitchen backsplash design can provide the focal point and the key element of an overall scheme.

The right choice of materials and their arrangement can pull together a kitchen while the opposite can make it appear cluttered and in disarray. Our professionals will work with you to assure your scheme coordinates all components of your kitchen adhering to a central theme.

Many different options are available that complement various styles:

  • Modern: Clean lines, smooth surfaces, and materials are the main components. Contemporary styles are easy to maintain and clean. No complicated tile patterns or rough stones. Materials such as glass and stainless steel are often used to achieve this style.
  • Old World: Achieved by using aged materials in subtle earthy colors; beige and light browns. This style has a rustic look often achieved by the use of tumbled stones, mosaics, and hand painted tiles.

The textures used in your backsplash should adhere to the overall design, for example, a contemporary design will incorporate smooth tiles while Mediterranean styles will showcase a worn, chipped finish. The most desirable kitchen will be simple enough to pull together different components of the kitchen while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Think of your kitchen backsplash design as the glue that binds your kitchen together.

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