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Designs and Permits for your home!

Whether you plan to sell your home or not, making updates and improvements to your home and its surroundings is always an important consideration. Our team of fully licensed and experienced professionals is ready to help you with the design and pre-planning phase. With our expert services, we can help you with the following projects:

  • Adding to landscaping, such as a garden, trees, bushes, etc.
  • Extending a room addition, such as covering a porch or patio
  • Plotting for an in-ground swimming pool
  • Constructing or expanding a garage, storage shed, or guest unit
  • Creating fencing, additional doorways, and access to the inside

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Code Violation Repair Services

When you undergo an inspection, you may get a notice for violating a specific building code. These notices should not be ignored as they can lead to huge fines and shutting down of the structure. If you are not aware of how to repair code violations, you do not need to worry! Miami First Remodeling is an expert in this area as well. We can assist you with our code violation repair services, so your building can be ready for the follow-up inspection.

We assign one Project Manager to work with you from start to finish. We help with initial design options, providing cost options on materials and supplies, and then scheduling and budgeting each of the vendors. When necessary, we will help secure all necessary permits (40 year recertification, code violation repair, certificate of use Miami) to stay within the scheduled timeline.

Miami First Remodeling will be your bridge for your design & permits requirements. We offer many services for your home remodeling project, such as great room addition, split level kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel miami, modern concrete driveway, hardscaping services, metal roof miami, and so much more . So hurry now and begin working with the best permit expeditor Miami.

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Miami First Remodeling- Your Permit Expeditor Miami

Local municipalities often have different requirements and restrictions for even the most basic of projects. Many require a permit to add or change fencing, garage or roof work, and projects such as expanding a driveway.

In most cases, getting permits can be a long and tiring process. As a qualified permit expeditor Miami, we can help you with this time-consuming job. We have been working as permit expeditor Miami since 2006 and are well-reputed and trusted by homeowners in Miami. We know whether your project needs commercial building permits or residential construction permits.

We Can Help You with Certificate of Use Miami

For alteration, enlargement, and change in commercial and industrial buildings, Miami has made it compulsory for the owner to obtain a certificate of use Miami. A certificate of use Miami verifies and assures details regarding the functioning of the business in the specific zoning district. Miami First Remodeling can also guide and assist you with this!

Trust Us With 40 Year Recertification

A 40 year recertification becomes applicable when a building turns forty. The property owner receives a Notice of Required Inspection. The inspection date for a 40 year recertification is based on the anniversary of the structure’s certificate of occupancy.

A 40 year recertification applies to the buildings excluding duplexes, single-family homes, and buildings with 2000 square feet or less. A 40 year recertification decides if the building needs improvements before receiving recertification.

Licensed engineers or architects perform these inspections. Miami First Remodeling can also help you with 40 year recertification, making sure that your building gets recertified!