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Thinking about converting your garage into a living space?

If you’re thinking about a new family room, master suite, or a home theater a garage conversion can meet your space requirements without the cost of an addition. A well-designed garage conversion is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to add space to your home.

With more than 30 years of extensive experience in residential construction, Miami First Remodeling will provide you with the room of your dreams. The main advantage of a garage is that the shell of the existing home often already contains the plumbing and electricity.

Structurally, only a few modifications are needed – closing off the garage door opening and possibly opening up the wall between the house and the garage. Eliminating the need for new construction significantly reduces time delays and cost.

There are many innovative yet practical ways Miami First Remodeling can transform your attached or freestanding garage. An attached garage’s proximity to the kitchen makes it a good candidate for conversion into a great room combining kitchen, dining, and entertaining functions. While a free-standing garage can become a home office or guest house.

Our in-house team will guide you through every step – planning, design, and construction – of your garage conversion. Miami First Remodeling has the resources and three decades of building experience delivering personalized attention and fair pricing to our homeowners. You can trust us to bring your dream home to life.

Whether it’s a game room, a sunroom addition, a second floor addition, attic conversions, a room above the garage, or a garage conversion – we use a delicate balance of form and function to create the room addition of your dreams.

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