Your Modern Patio Room Builders

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Your Modern Patio Room Builders

How Can Patio Room

additions Benefit You?

A Patio Room or a Patio Enclosure can be used all year round because it is enclosed and protects you from the outside elements. Getting a patio room is a budget-friendly way to enhance the living space of your home.

A patio room with a glass ceiling is popular because it is airy, provides natural light, and allows you to connect with nature. A patio room is a perfect way to use the extra outdoor space often not used due to bad weather. You can even protect and use your outdoor furniture that was rotting due to rain and harsh sunlight.

Invite friends and family over to breathe in the fragrance and freshness of nature while remaining protected from Sun’s UV rays and mosquito bites! A patio room is the best of both worlds!

Miami First Remodeling knows how to build and construct modular room additions and that too at affordable prices. It offers 20×20 room addition cost for first-floor addition from anywhere between $160 – $200 per sq. Ft. To know more about their great room addition services, master suite addition and prices check below.
aluminum patio covers

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Great PATIO Room Addition

All Season Patio Room keeps the best inside and the worst outside! It has the benefit of letting you enjoy every weather. All Season Patio Room remains cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Vinyl-framed windows are low maintenance and long-lasting. They are a great option for climate control. So get an All Season Patio Room today that is perfect for all your occasions!

Whether you need a Patio Cover or an All Season Patio Room, Miami First Remodeling has got you covered! With its expert, high-quality, and affordable services, you can make your outdoor area more entertaining, inviting, and elegant!

Miami First Remodeling is one of the most reliable and trusted remodeling and renovation companies due to its professionalism and impeccable work ethic. It also provides other exemplary services for your home, such as room additions, bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, floors, windows, air conditioning!

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What Will You Get with Our Great

Room Addition Services?

The sky is the limit! What you dream, you can get with our Florida room additions! Some of the options for you to explore for your modular room additions are listed below. You can get:

  • An additional bathroom and/or shower in the basement that can be very useful when guests are over, or the rest of the bathrooms are occupied
  • A covered porch or patio that will protect against harmful UV rays
  • A utility room or laundry room to make it easy for you to complete your work
  • Separate office space to work from home with maximum productivity.

More importantly, our room additions will make your home more functional. Whether you want a kitchen remodel inside the room or have other requirements for your Florida room addition project like house extension, we can help you make efficient use of your home space!Miami First Remodeling is one of the top-rated construction company with amazing prices, including affordable 20×20 room addition costs. It knows what your Florida room addition project needs! It can cater to your unique dreams, desires and designs with its great room addition services! Miami First Remodeling is the first choice of customers and clients for their modular home addition project. So go for it today!

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