About Us

Miami First Remodelers is a full service General Contractor providing Project Management along with top quality work. Open 7 days a week (except major holidays), our Customer Service team is available by phone from 8 AM to 7 PM. This allows you to talk with us at your convenience.

Whether you are looking to remodel or upgrade, or add to your home, we are available to work within your budget. Both short and long term financing plans are available. This is especially helpful if you are still in the consideration stage. A free consultation can help you plan a project in detail, while we will be glad to provide a free estimate for a specific project you require.

We recognize the challenges of needing multiple vendors for a remodel or room addition. This is why we assign a Personal Project Manager to take your project from designing your concept all the way to the follow up visit to review the finished work.

Because our workflow includes a variety of specialized licensed contractors, we handle everything from remodels to room additions and painting. Whether you need more space or an additional bathroom, or need to upgrade your kitchen and/or bathrooms, we provide top quality products and service.

With years of experience serving South Florida, our team knows the local challenges and the difference it can make in the overall success of a remodel or addition. We know how to allow for moisture, humidity, strong winds, and community zoning and permit restrictions.

Our team of professionals is spread throughout the region. In addition to Miami and Miami Beach, we cover from the north end of the Keys up through the Palm Beach area.

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