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20 x 20 room addition cost - miami first remodeling

Room Addition

Our room additions are designed to make your home more functional. Make more efficient use of space you are already paying for.

bathroom remodel boca raton - miami first remodeling

Bathroom Remodel

With a bathroom remodel, you can make your bathroom energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing, functional, and safe.

aluminum patio enclosure boca raton 1 - miami first remodeling

Patio Room

Add space to your house and enjoy outdoor with our patio room enclosure service. We have the best home renovators you can find. So let’s get started.

kitchen remodel plantation - miami first remodeling

Kitchen Remodel

An attractive and efficient kitchen with extra storage space adds to the enjoyment of your home.



A good roof protects your home from every weather. Get an energy-efficient roof that is easy to clean and makes your home beautiful!

exterior and interior paint

Exterior and Interior Paint

Fresh paint helps with the curb appeal on the outside and provides a new look on the inside.

windows and doors Wellington - Miami First Remodeling


Replacing or upgrading your windows enhances safety, adds to your comfort, and reduces dust and allergens.


Tile and flooring

Your old and broken tiles deserve a makeover! New tile or flooring adds to the look and feel of your home!



The driveway is far too often the most overlooked aspect of the curb appeal of a property. A new driveway is long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and easy to maintain.



It’s about the overall look and feel of your home’s exterior. Adding trees, bushes, and/or plants can actually change a first impression.


Air Conditioning

Replacing your air conditioning system improves air quality, reduces utility bills, and increases energy efficiency.



Our fully licensed and trained team of professionals offers a variety of money saving strategies along with fully installed solar panels and integration.

permits and design - miami first remodeling

Design & Permits

Local municipalities often have different requirements and restrictions for even the most basic projects. We can take care of the building permits for you!