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  • Everyone loves spacious custom kitchen cabinets Margate with soft-close doors! Here at Miami First Remodeling, we know what is popular and hit! By getting an affordable kitchen remodel Margate, you can get a kitchen cabinet remodel Margate that includes grey, white, or black shakers, and so much more!
  • With our kitchen cabinet remodel Margate, you can also get new cabinet countertops and backsplash to make it easier to clean your kitchen!
  • Kitchens are visited by people of all ages. That is why it should not be a safety risk. With the help of kitchen remodeling contractor Margate, your kitchen can become safer. We suggest and help install slip-resistant flooring, a safe cooktop, and smart floorplans.
  • As one of the experienced kitchen remodeling companies Margate, we know how important it is to have your kitchen well-lit! So we install proper lighting in your kitchen, reducing glares and shadows.
  • Miami First Remodeling’s affordable kitchen remodel Margate also includes taking care of your building permits. This means there’s one less worry for you!
  • We also provide you with an electrical upgrade and ensure your appliances have a dedicated line, reducing energy wastage and risks of electric shocks.
  • We also provide in-house free 3D design and consultation for kitchen remodeling Margate.

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Get a real plywood kitchen with kitchen remodeling Margate! Let your family members enjoy custom kitchen cabinets Margate that provide storage space and add to the style of your kitchen!
Let us make your kitchen more functional and appealing for you and your family members! You deserve this


An Airy, Functional, and Attractive Kitchen with a Kitchen Remodel Margate!

A kitchen is a place that matters to every member of the family. Some come to cook in the kitchen others just like to hang out and chat with their friends! And that is why you need a kitchen that meets the needs of every family member.

A stuffy, old, or safety risk kitchen will not work. You need a kitchen that is long-lasting, efficient, and attractive. With kitchen remodeling Margate by the experienced kitchen remodeling contractor Margate, you can get exactly that!

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Get a FREE quote from one of the most professional kitchen remodeling companies Margate! You will be amazed by Miami First Remodeling’s packages for a kitchen remodel financing Margate!

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    It is always great to have a spare room or extra space in your home to move around. Our room additions are designed to make your home more functional. Make more efficient use of the space that you are paying for!

    Outdated kitchens often have slippery floors and unsafe wires that can cause safety hazards. A kitchen remodel can ensure the safety of your home. New cabinets can be built “deeper” to give you more room.

    Old bathrooms often have only one electrical outlet, bathtub, and toilet close to the ground. A bathroom remodel can reduce costs with energy efficiency, increase comfort and ease and help you relax.







    Old roofs are unable to trap heat. It makes your home colder during winters, leading to high electrical, gas, or heat bills. A new roof will save you hard-earned money and bring you multiple benefits!

    Whether you plan to sell your home or not, fresh paint always helps with the curb appeal on the outside and the refreshed look it provides on the inside.

    Whether you plan to sell your home or not, you should replace or upgrade your windows every few years for maximum benefit.

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    I am extremely pleased with the service and quality of work Miami First has done for us. The attention to detail is superb and they have a great work ethic. Gil is a pleasure to work with, she took everything we needed into consideration and gave us a lot of tips that we would never think of. They are very reliable for big projects and they do not overcharge. Excellent work!

    Ezekiel Daniel

    I highly recommend Miami First Remodeling. The owner, Gil Rutchkin and his team of experts delivered every step of the way through the whole completion of our master bathroom renovation/upgrade. I am one happy, satisfied customer and will hire them again for other future home projects.

    Edith Biana

    First Remodeling is the company I would recommend to friends and family. I wanted to change my backyard for the summer and I hired them. I had such a great experience with them, my patio looks so good, everything is freshly painted and I love the aluminum cover. Their team was amazing!! I can’t wait to have my friends over

    Loardaa Midrona