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How many times have you dreaded your kids coming in the kitchen because you are afraid that they would get hurt? How many times have you hesitated touching an electric switch for fear of getting an electric shock?

With kitchen remodeling Davie, you can say goodbye to your safety worries! When you work with one of the best kitchen remodeling companies Davie, we take extra care to protect you and your family members. Here’s how we ensure your safety with kitchen remodeling Davie:

  • Slip-resistant Floors: we recommend slip-resistant floor materials for your affordable kitchen remodel Davie, such as textured vinyl, matte-finished wood, soft-glazed ceramic tile. If you choose tiles, a throw rug with nonskid backing will prevent slipping and ensure the safety of your family members.
  • Fire Extinguisher in a Safe Place: when providing you with a kitchen remodel Davie, we ensure that the fire extinguisher is placed away from the cooking area. As one of the experienced kitchen remodeling companies Davie, we suggest placing the fire extinguisher near the exit and at a visible location. This ensures safety and minimum damage in times of fire.
  • Water-temperature Regulators: our affordable kitchen remodel Davie involves setting the faucets to your preferred temperature. We often suggest our clients get anti-scald devices to avoid facing hot water. Pressure-balanced valves can also come in handy as they balance cold and hot water.
  • Smart Floor Plan: Miami First Remodeling is the best kitchen remodeling contractor Davie. We provide in-house free 3D design and consultation services. We draw a safe floor plan for your kitchen to ensure traffic stays away from the cooking area.
  • Safer Countertops: for your kitchen remodeling Davie, we provide countertops with rounded edges on the corners to avoid injury or harm to children.
  • Good Lighting: when your kitchen is well-lit, there are lesser chances of injury. You will be able to cut and prep your meals easily. There will be no glares or shadows to distract you.
  • Safe Electrical Switches: as a professional kitchen remodeling contractor Davie, we ensure that electrical switches are away from water sources for your safety.

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We not only ensure your safety but also provide the best custom kitchen cabinets Davie. So get a kitchen cabinet remodel Davie to increase storage space and enhance the style of your kitchen!

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Miami First Remodeling offers the best packages for kitchen remodel financing Davie! So make your kitchen a safe and happy place for you and your family members.

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Miami First Remodeling believes in providing comfort and ease to its valued customers. That is why we take over all the tasks of your project. We know the ins and outs of the construction industry and can complete your project without any hindrance. We will also submit and process the necessary city permits to make sure your project is constructed legally and under the supervision of government officials.

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